Molten Syntax Projects

I wrote a set of tools to keep my local music library "coordinated", to have perfect consistency between filename, id3 tag, and Spotify's metadata.

When importing music, coordinate_music will walk through audio files and use the Spotify API to search for the associated track. This can either be done one album at a time, or on a track by track basis. It will present you with a list of candidates, then you can then confirm, or type "hear0" to hear the original, or type "hear1" to hear the first candidate. Here's what it looks like when searching by track:

Here's what it looks like when searching by album:

This association is saved in the website ID3 tag in the audio file (mp3, m4a, or flac). After importing music, this set of scripts can:

Other features include, if enabled:

Tests pass on Linux (latest Linux Mint) and Windows (7 and later supported).

See the source code, and a more complete explanation, on GitHub.