Tuesday, January 22, 2013

CellRename is on Github

I polished up an old project from 2008, CellRename: a file-rename utility with a spreadsheet-like UI. Take a look at my brand new Github to download (supported on Windows and Linux).

features include:

  • setting filename based on pattern (or append numbers like 001, 002, etc)
  • adding a prefix / suffix
  • search/replace within filenames
  • regex replace within filenames
  • if you copy a file path, cellrename will automatically start in that directory

I tested on Win XP, Win7, Win8, Ubuntu Linux, Fedora Linux, Mageia Linux, and Mint Linux. Credit pyinstaller as a great Python stand-alone tool.

This is only the beginning; there are many more half hour hacks to be unfurled.

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