I have a CD by Dungen, one of my favorite Swedish indie rock bands. When copying the CD to mp4s on my computer, it looks like the audio software choked on the Swedish characters, and the resulting mp4 files have truncated names. Is there a way I can avoid having to type all of the song names in manually?

First, I'll sort by file-creation time, to sort in album order:

Now, I'll look up the album, Ta Det Lugnt, on amazon.com.

I copy the text from this website, go back to CellRename, click on the first cell under "New name", and use Ctrl+V to paste. (Cool!)

There are other ways to accomplish this, but let's use regular expressions to remove the track numbers. I select "Replace in Filename" from the Edit menu, and type:
(The r: means to use a regular expression. The [0-9] means to match any number from 0 to 9. The + means that the [0-9] can occur one or more times).

Looks like this worked:

Now, I'll add back the track numbers, and leading zeros, and the .mp4 extension. After selecting Pattern... from the Edit menu, I'll type:
(For each file, the %n will be replaced by a new number, and the %f will be replaced by the previous filename.)

Now I'm done!

(Download CellRename on Github)