SsipScite is a fork of the SciTE code editor with added support for Python extensions and source indexing. If one is working in a C or C++ codebase (even a large one with many thousands of files), one can click on a function or method and press F12 to go to its definition, Shift- F12 to go to the definition of a function/method/class, or Ctrl-F12 to list references to a function/method/class.


Let's say I'm working on the 7z project.
First I create a file ssipscite/plugins/searchsip_userprefs/7z_example.cfg with the contents
This tells SsipScite that it can create an index of all source code in this directory. (Update this path based on where the files are).

Then, I can start ssipscite/SciTE.exe, and open 7zIn.c.
What does CSzCoderInfo refer to? I can press F12 and go to the definition:
What other files refer to this struct? I can press Ctrl-F12 and list references:
One can then click on any of the results to open that file and line.

After the index is created, these searches are noticeably faster than full-text search, and they intelligently point you to just the information you needed. Pretty useful, huh?

SsipScite works great for large codebases that cause Visual Studio to feel slow; it indexes hundreds of files a second (on my machine) and subsequent updates are fast and incremental. The code analysis is based on simple heuristics; SsipScite won't work for all coding styles.

I mainly wrote this for myself to use (and it's been very helpful over the past month), but you can Download if you'd like to try (win32, Python source).