Clipcircle is a Windows tool that lets you store multiple values in the clipboard at the same time and cycle between them.


Run clipcircle32, and it will appear in the system tray.

Copy a word of text from any program.
Copy a different word of text.
Open notepad
Press Windows-V. (The windows key has a flag icon and is typically between Ctrl and Alt)
The word you copied appears, but is selected!
Press Windows-V again.
Now, the first word that was copied appears.

Because Clipcircle selects as well as pastes, you can quickly cycle through the contents of the circle. By default, Clipcircle stores 8 items. It intentionally only stores this many items, so that you can repeatedly press Windows-V to cycle through everything that is stored.

To close Clipcircle, press Windows-Escape.

Additional notes

The idea comes from earlier versions of Visual Studio, where pressing Ctrl+Shift+V would also go through clipboard history, but without cycling. Clipcircle, though, works with any app. I'm aware that there are other clipboard tools, but this one has my full trust. For frequently typed strings that I want to always keep around, I use the excellent Clavier+.

To customize how many items are stored, edit clipcircle.h, set g_nItems to another value, and re-build.

It's lightweight: 9Kb on disk, and only 600Kb of private working set (memory usage).


If you think this might be useful, feel free to give it a whirl. I've found it to be very helpful.

Download, just unzip and run clipcircle32.
Source , GPLv3.