Make beats. Tweak them by shifting each channel. Save and send to friends.

If you have Chrome or Firefox, try it! (Recent versions of Safari may also work).

My novel layout shows the repeating loop as an actual circular loop.

Some demo beats I came up with (but you really should put together your own):

Use the icons on the left for more adjustments:

Load a demo. Change the number of divisions, so that you can make the 7/4 beat you always wanted. A shortcut: after it is clicked, when you create a drum-hit in the upper-right quadrant, the corresponding drum-hit is also turned on in the other three quadrants.

Because the sound is generated in real time, you can edit the rhythm, and even tempo, during playback. If the volume of a channel is very high, I 'distort' the sample by intentionally causing clipping.

I made this for fun. Real software is more complicated.