Last night I thought of a way to plot my music library over time. I quickly wrote a python script to make a histogram of when songs were added. Because my music is already sorted by genre, I added that to the visualization.

I call this plot "musical appetite", because that conveys both taste and quantity.

Larger render

I haven't really analyzed this, but see a few trends. Added a lot of rock in 5/2007. I think the upticks correspond with college spring and winter breaks :) Currently, nearly all growth is in 2000s and electronic. A project actually done in 30 minutes for a change.

*The music was manually sorted, as opposed to using an algorithm, but genres do overlap. My 19 categories are here combined to 11. To clarify, the category rock includes rock music from the 60s and 70s, and the decade categories "1960s" and "1970s" contain non-rock music from those times. Latin contains music from Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, and Spain. Classical here refers to composed music in general, from 1300 to the present. Other includes music from Egypt, Iraq, Bulgaria, Jamaica, some African countries, and soundtracks.