drawdraw is a web app for recursive drawing. Try it!

Instructions: Click the buttons to make things. Drag the green dots to move things. Experiment until it looks cool. Send links.

Now that you have spent time playing with the program:
The light-blue arrow in the background represents the initial scale and rotation. At every step, the orange arrows are replaced with a scaled and rotated copy of the figure. If an orange arrow is longer than the light-blue arrow, the figure "explodes" because the size increases with every step.

In the end, if enough steps are done (the pencil+ button adds more steps), look at the result - the location where each orange arrow will contain the entire figure (picture a tree, where each branch can have the form of the entire tree). It is self-similar, a property held by fractals. Because this program represents a set of affine mappings, it can be used to draw all of the traditional IFS fractals in a new manner.

Have fun!

(I wonder how one would make a non-linear version...)