Computer keyboard as piano keyboard

A continuation of a program I wrote a few years back, this little app lets you use your computer keyboard as a piano keyboard:

It can be useful for recording fragments of melodies or songs. The results are saved as a standard .mid file. Also, because it supports easy multi-tracking, it can be fun to make a little song by combining a bass part, harmony, and melody with different instruments for each voice.

(Midisketch sends out real time midi events. So, if a midi loopback driver like Maple or LoopBe1 is used, it can act like a midi input device as well. In fact, it might be interesting to have Midisketch install keyboard hooks like Ctrl-alt-a, Ctrl-alt-b, and so on, that would play the corresponding notes even when the program is minimized. Then it could be used just like a midi keyboard, and recognized as such by other software).

Anyways, here is a short video showing the keyboard:

Midisketch demo from bngjbng on Vimeo.

Three or more note polyphony is supported, constrained only by limitations of most keyboards. The "C# MIDI Toolkit" by Leslie Sanford is used to send midi data to the Windows api.

Download, win32.
(Unzip the file and run Midisketch.exe. See also readme.txt. Requires .NET 2).
Released under Gplv3.