Molten Syntax Projects

This has been done before several times, but usually in Perl. After reading a version by Matt Sparks, I quickly wrote a C# version. I think this is something that will be useful. You type in an expression, which is sent to Google, and the result is printed back.

Bin (Windows exe) Source, project file is Vs2008 but the source should work in 2005.

On another note, while I have enjoyed reading entries in the Obfuscated C Code Contest for a while, there is another interesting contest that sounds just as fun. The Underhanded C Contest is a "programming contest to turn out code that is malicious, but passes a rigorous inspection, and looks like an honest mistake."

Another clever contest is the Obfuscated V contest in 2004, where contestants wrote short programs that appear to simply count votes, but actually influence the results.