Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Interesting Facts in Biology

Did you know?
  • Slugs are gastropods that have white flowers for a specific tissue.
  • This has produced a nuclear matrix secreted into the bird’s plasma membrane.
  • Individuals associate with polar molecules such as that of the worm through the mitochondrial and chloroplast genomes of the urethra.
I wrote a program that will analyze and automatically summarize Biology. (Very useful). It's a web app, but is on Olin's server right now. I compiled a huge amount of Biology information and made a Markov model. I did a lot of work in Python stripping unwanted data. At first, I was putting all of the data in a php file, but this turned out to be inefficient and a heavy load on the server. I ended up with a solution: I divided all of the text into 64 slices, and then created 8 medium-sized files out of shuffled slices (for variety). I then wrote Python code to generate one Markov model for each of the files and save the results as a Javascript object .js file. Then, the php code randomly picks one of the 8 .js files to include whenever the page is loaded. The Markov generation is all client-side, so you can generate many times without needing a page refresh.


Mel said...

*clutches head* that's awful! More, please!

(My favorite markov adventure: freshman year I combined the King James Bible with some of my favorite Alice in Wonderland chapters - my hack wasn't a webapp, but it produced some fantastic religious text.)

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