Facebook Pointillism

Facebook has a "Graffiti" application where you can draw pictures on a profile by clicking and dragging. Because art is not my forte, I decided to find a way to paste an actual bitmap image in the space.

First, I made a grayscale image of my face. I wrote a little Python script using the Python Imaging Library to make a list of all pixel coordinates that were white. I then wrote an AutoIt script to simulate mouse-clicks at all of those screen locations (hacktastic).

The results:
Not perfect, but still visible.
AutoIt is a pretty cool program for Windows automation. It can simulate keyboard and mouse events.

The actual reason I did this is that I wanted to learn about image processing in Python. It's usually not trivial in most languages / libraries to get pixel access of a PNG image, but PIL seems to do well. Stay tuned for my upcoming ultimate Image Processing lab.